Setting Up Educational Facilities

Baseera Institute offers programs and training tracks specially designed for educational facilities

P4C is a powerful approach to developing students' thinking skills that has been practiced in more than 60 countries worldwide for 30 years. Independent studies have proven the significant impact of practice on students' academic achievement and its positive impact on raising the IQ in addition to enhancing students' social skills.

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P4C is centered around using Philosophical Dialogue and Enquiry as tools to help teachers and learners think, speak, listen, learn, and live together more effectively. Teachers enable students to take the lead together in a "community of philosophical inquiry," and work to build their ability to express their ideas as they progress through school. And to achieve the effectiveness and sustainability of the knowledge and skills of the facility in the field of teaching philosophical thinking. The Baseera Institute is working on training and preparing the employees of the educational facility, including the administrative team and educational cadres, on the skills of teaching philosophical thinking (P4C) in various fields and departments on a long-term basis. This is by joining the course of accredited training programs at its three levels. Upon passing the tracks, the participants qualify for the stage of accreditation as trainers of philosophical thinking skills in the P4C methodology, which achieves the sustainability of the methodology in the educational system.

Curriculum Development

Baseera Institute works with the educational facilities sector to improve the standards and outputs of the educational curricula through the perspective of teaching and learning, and thus, to improve classroom teaching tools by investing (the arguments of philosophical thinking). Where we work side by side with those responsible for developing the curricula to integrate the skills of teaching philosophical thinking P4C with the four types of thinking (creative, nurturing, critical, and collaborative) in the curriculum.

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