The foundational Level:

Specialized workshops that provide:

  • Understanding and developing basic skills to introduce philosophical thinking as an inquiry facilitator.
  • A verified certificate of attendance from Baseera institute for educational and pedagogical consultancy in addition to international accreditation from DIALOGUEWORKS.

Program Content:

  • The concept of community of inquiry.
  • Philosophical questions.
  • The four types of thinking that supports the curriculum of P4C.
  • Reasoning, Abstract thinking and higher thinking skills.
  • Reinforcing local cultural values
  • The 10 steps to facilitate a P4C workshop.
  • Resource Bank

Program Outputs:

  • Two training days, on average 13 hours of training.
  • Introduction to the theoretical and practical content of P4C.
  • Introduction to the community of inquiry and philosophical inquiry models.
  • The four types of thinking that supports the curriculum of P4C.
  • Localizing the program to culture and environment.
  • Practical application of the Socratic circle.
  • Presenting some sources and references on the program of P4C.

Program is presented by:

Dalia Toonsi: Accredited as a trainer for teaching the foundation level of P4C: DIALOGUEWORKS

The program is designed for anyone interested in developing the skill of P4C. It is also directed at all those who work in schools or universities, school leaders, advisors in the education system to develop classroom skills, and for parents also.


  • The trainee must complete six initial philosophical sessions after attending the training program to be able to attend the second level in P4C. Registration link