Who are we?

We are the Baseera institution for thought leadership in educational consultancy in Saudi Arabia. We use philosophical thinking and Socratic dialogue as a basis for developing learning tools, curriculum and educational environment.

Our Mission

Baseera is an institution that deals with educational, social, intellectual and psychological aspects of P4C to children, youth and adults. The term “Baseera” draws its root from the depth of Islamic philosophical tradition. “basar: vision”, “Baseera: foresight” and “tabasor: considering carefully” all refer to the concept of the wise person or the philosopher, such as the breadth of knowledge, argument and a penetrating view of what is hidden within meanings, the lessons, the observation, the wisdom, the balance, power of cognition and insight.

  • We are an educational pedagogical consultancy institution offering many educational services specialized in P4C to schools and universities as well as evening services for enrichment programs and after-school activities.
  • In Saudi Arabia and the Arab world we provide P4C training at the foundation level  in collaboration with DIALOGUEWORKS.
  • We have received international accreditation certificates in all three levels of training from the British organization SAPERE , including “The advanced theory of thinking and inquiry communities in education”. We also received international accreditation from the British organisation The Philosophy Foundation in teaching philosophy in schools
  • The total number of our beneficiaries of the program since we began is approximately 700 people.
  • Baseera started in 2011 as a pioneer experimental program in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, to provide philosophical thinking for children, young people and adults as an enriching and extra-curricular activity. For the first five years we offered several workshops targeting different age groups ranging from seven years old to academic levels for men and women of different ages before becoming an educational and pedagogical consultancy in 2018.
  • The program is based primarily on two educational curricula with American origins:

(P4C) presented to children.
(P4A) presented to adults.