Enriching programs for students in schools and universities:

The Visiting Philosopher Program:

We offer in-school workshops throughout the academic year, a number of weekly visits  (as per the agreement with the school) to all educational stages, from primary school to higher levels and university students.

Program Content:

an hour dialogue about different philosophical topics simplified by story-telling and philosophical inquiry style. 

Program Outputs:

  • Students will be able to apply the type of questions and ask open philosophical questions
  • Will be able to use the “Concept contenuum ” tool
  • Formulation and analysis of arguments 
  • Use logic and debating as a thinking tool
  • Use simple and complicated reasoning: Justification and consistency in thinking
  • Understand simple philosophical concepts 
  • Comparing between concepts
  • Hypothetical thinking 
  • Analytical, Abstract and Critical thinking 

Program is presented by:

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