Ranad Saad Khayat

Coordinator of Educational Programs

  • Bachelor degree in Psychology from Effat University in Jeddah.
  • Has a first-level training certificate for P4C for children and youth from The Philosophy Foundation.
  • Worked in the field of P4C for children and youth in Baseera’s program since 2011.

Dalia Abdullah Toonsi

Director of Educational Programs

  • Bachelor degree in zoology from King Abdul-Aziz University.
  • MA degree in Sociology of Childhood from Cardiff University in the UK.
  • Specialized in educational and non-curricular work, designing educational programs for children and young people, such as the Socratic dialogues and has many contributions in the field of literary clubs for young people.
  • Has a verified Certificate in training as a facilitator for P4C in the third level (the advanced theory to teach philosophical thinking for children) from SAPERE.
  • Accredited as a philosophy teacher from The Philosophy Foundation.
  • Accredited as a trainer to teach the foundation level of P4C from DIALOGUEWORKS
  • Published a number of press articles related to children’s literature and a number of books specialized in the field of educational philosophy and children’s literature and comic stories.

Fouzan Abbas AbdulJawad

General Manager

  • Bachelor degree in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Leicester.
  • Ran advanced leadership positions in several industrial companies.
  • Member of the boards of several industrial companies.
  • Runs several positions on directors’ boards of charitable organizations.
  • Established companies in various fields.

Dr. Nawal Hussein Fayoumi

Educational Advisor

  • PhD degree in Philosophy of History from King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah.
  • Worked in the education sector for twenty years as a teacher of a primary school and then as an agent for middle school and then as a director of a secondary school.