What is

 Baseera is an institution for thought leadership in educational consultancy in Saudi Arabia. it uses philosophical thinking and Socratic dialogue as a basis for developing learning tools, curriculum and educational environment.

Certificates and Credits

  • Accreditation for training the foundation level from DIALOGUEWORKS.
  • Level 3 SAPERE Advanced theory of thinking and communities of inquiry in education.
  • International accreditation for teaching philosophy in schools from The Philosophy Foundation.

Meet The Team

Dr. Nawal Hussein Fayoumi

Educational Advisor

Fouzan Abbas AbdulJawad

General Manager

Dalia Abdullah Toonsi

Director of Educational Programs

Ranad Saad Khayat

Coordinator of Educational Programs

Big ideas .. Young minds

What they said?

“Baseera is one of the most educational programs i have ever enrolled my girls in, for her to be able to express her own thoughts in a safe environment without judgement, to learn how to accept opinions that are different from her own, to form her own definitions and perspective and find her voice. All of these skills wouldn’t have existed without a program to teach thinking skills like Baseera”
Rola Badkok, Malak
& Batel Kaaki’s Mother
“Baseera changed my point of view in life from haw to talk to haw to walk. It is the one and only place that I have in life were You can find people like you to talk to and understand you.”
Ahmad Al-Rasheedi
15 years old
”To me Baseera is rethinking the way i look at myself, how I interact with people from a moral perspective, and of course I cannot forget the way we discuss art and aesthetics in Baseera”
Eyad Arba’een
”When your thoughts start to flutter around you like butterflies, and you start thinking of the world around you, of the beauty of contradictions, the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil… It adds different meanings of different colors and spectrums to your world, thats how you know you’re in one of Baseera’s discussions” “that was the experience for myself and my son at Baseera”
Sumaya Shawoush Mohammed Shawoush’s mother
“Baseera is one of the most influencial when it comes to my personality and my perspective on things, it became a part of me, i no longer take anything at face value, I dig deeper into anything even the smallest and most trivial things. And with time you will realize that you can have a galaxy of thoughts from a single seed.”
Ahmed Huraibi
16 years old
“In the world of Baseera where there’s a weight to your thoughts and beliefs. Though your opinions may not be scientific or precisely conveyed but its important. its valuable because it comes from you, a result of your experience and yourself and the way you think” “At Baseera you have the right to listen, discuss, talk, respect and be respected”
Khalid Sindi
Family Therapist
”Baseera is a program that is rich in skills and the kind of mechanisms, that helps you think deeper, unlike traditional programs this program allowed me to think deeper. It helped me accept many ideas and opinions no matter how different they are and taught me to objectively respect opposing opinions”
Nada Hariri
Life Coach
“Baseeera has opened up my mind to new perspectives in life. My point of views are totally different.I now know that everything has more than just one meaning, it has many meanings that differ from one person to another and every meaning is more beautiful than the one before it.“
Yasmeen sindi
16 years old
“One of Baseera’s most important qualities is that it doesn’t spoon-feed you but it depends on teaching philosophical thinking through asking philosophical questions and searching and discovering. it helped me form new meanings I never thought of before”
Nisreen Ghandoura
“Through building a community this program stimulates thinking and constructive learning which was a fertile ground to develop my son’s thinking and analytical skills to go beyond the traditional way of thinking. Baseera’s discussions helped him express himself freely and build his imagination and creativity”
Omar Al-nimri’s mother
.”I can say that Baseera helped me on two levels, on the person level I have found that I can discover connections and relationships between everything and anything no matter how different. On the general level: being an academic I found that Baseera teaches you the art of philosophical open questions with no definitive closed answer”
Fouzia Bashatah
Researcher & Academic in the field of Social Science
“Baseera had a great impact on my life from day one. Not only did it teach me how to listen to questions carefully and answer them philosophically it also taught me that sometimes the answers are not on the surface. Baseera also taught me to be patient because Good things take time. I truly enjoyed being part of this program it made me a better person in such a small time. The people I met there made the experience 1000 times better. I am thankful that i was lucky enough to attend this AMAZING program.”
Talia Hejazi
13 years old