Qualifying schools and universities:

The program provides the foundation level of P4C for school staff or university staff  for two days at a special rate.

  • Understanding and developing basic skills to provide philosophical thinking as a workshop facilitator.
  • A verified certificate attendance from Baseera institute for educational and pedagogical consultancy in addition to international accreditation from DIALOGUEWORKS.

?Who benefits from P4C programs in schools and universities

  •  Teachers specialized in subjects such as, Math, Science, Religion, Geography, etc..
  • Schools and universities that are looking for developing teaching styles and curriculums

 Program Content:

  • The concept of community of inquiry.
  • Philosophical questions.
  • The four types of thinking that supports the curriculum of P4C.
  • Reasoning, Abstract thinking and higher thinking skills.
  • Reinforcing local cultural values
  • The 10 steps to facilitate a P4C workshop.
  • Resource Bank

Program Outputs:

  • Two training days, on average 13 hours of training.
  • Introduction to the theoretical and practical content of P4C.
  • Introduction to the community of inquiry and philosophical inquiry models.
  • The four types of thinking that supports the curriculum of P4C.
  • Localizing the program to culture and environment.
  • Practical application of the Socratic circle.
  • Presenting some sources and references on the program of P4C.

Program is presented by:

Dalia Toonsi: Accredited as a trainer for teaching the foundation level of P4C: DIALOGUEWORKS


  • The trainee must complete six initial philosophical sessions after attending the training program to be able to attend the second level in P4C. Registration link: